New Month, New Year, Same Me

It’s that time of year when everyone’s thinking about what their resolutions will be- lose 8stone, marry Channing Tatum, become a Hollywood actress to name but a few.  When I was younger I would make some resolutions myself and stick them for maybe 3 weeks at best! During recovery I spent a lot of time setting goals, and working towards those, and that is now what I do with new year.  No resolutions, just some goals for the coming year.  And these goals are literally anything, just things I’d like to do- whether that be run 10km in 45 something, eat proper English fish and chips (haven’t done for about 4 years) or start the next stage of my new career.  I think all too often people feel they need to make major changes to their lives, ‘new year, new me…… I’m going to start it all in the new year and it’ll be amazing…….I want to be totally different this time next year.’ In my experience setting huge goals, or even far too many smaller ones is just over whelming, also when you then don’t hit those goals it makes you feel more of a failure. 

Things To Consider When Thinking About New Year Goals 

  • Why are you setting this particular goal? As hard as it is, the things you do should be for you, not for others. Are you thinking about doing something just to make someone else happy- if so maybe think again as that thing may not make you happy
  • Is it actually achieveable? The number of times, pre ed, I wrote down crazy things for the new year that were never going to happen.  There’s no point having a goal if you really don’t think it will ever happen.  Chances of me meeting Channing Tatum as slim so I have come to accept that goal may never happen! In all seriousness if your goals are geared towards ed recovery, don’t set something you don’t think you can do.  In early recovery I wouldn’t even have entertained the idea of eating fish and chips, but now I know I can do that, no trouble! Likewise I would love to go to 10 different foreign countries next year but time and money won’t allow that so I’ll stick with 2 or 3.
  • Break up the year.  My mum suggested this a while ago as sometimes 12months can seem an awfully loooooong time. If that’s daunting, set goals per month, thinking about each month as it comes rather than planning so far ahead
  • Get a book, numerous pieces of paper and write them all down! If you’re doing it in months, write the coming months goals down and then stick them where you see them daily. If you’ve got all the goals for the year, get a little notebook and whack them in there- that’s what I have and its with me at all times!!
  • What makes you happy? I think this is a really important one as it’s always important to do the things that make you happy.  Tailor your goals towards those things.  There’s a group of friends I only see occasionally and one of our goals this year was to do more together, which we did, and that made me happy.
  • Is there a good cross section? When I was making goals for this year some were related to food and recovery, some were related to fitness and some just general life.  I don’t want a list of food related things, or training related things, it’s good to have a mix
  • Having said all the above, don’t turn your life into a check list.  I’m probably guilty of this at times, as I often find it hard to just be present and enjoy the moment.  I’m always thinking of the next thing
  • It doesn’t have to be about goals. I have used ‘goals’ all through this but it doesn’t have to be about that- these are just things you’d like to do, for you- things that make you happy.  Last year I wrote a happy/positive thing on a piece of paper every single day, and put them all in a jar to open out and read on New Years Eve.  Some of them were so funny, but it was really satisfying and reminded me that there is always something to be happy about, even if it’s just a good coffee, or the smell of cut grass.

What If You Don’t Hit The Goals

That doesn’t matter.  There are things I wanted to do this year that I haven’t for whatever reason but hey, I’ve done a lot of other things, and that’s the main thing to remember. Sometimes life gets in the way, you don’t have time for the mini break, or to go paddle boarding, but instead you had a fun weekend with your friends just catching up.  Maybe the things you’ve set yourself are too hard, if so break it down into smaller more achieveable bits. Also remember that it’s only you who is working on these, no one knows, or probably cares, whether you’ve hit them or not. If you don’t reach a couple it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, or haven’t tried

My 2015 Goals

  • FITNESS- to run 10km in 45 something, to do a 110kg back squat, to do an obstacle course, to do another fitness challenge. Sadly the only one of these I achieved was the latter, a duathalon that brought about a period of tendinitis meaning I couldn’t do any of the others!! I couldn’t run for months, so no 10kms. I have managed to get back to 100kg squat, but I had to pull out of The Wolf Run obstacle course because of my injury. All really annoying but there is simply nothing I can do about it, it is out of my control, rather scarily, and can’t be helped.  All these goals will now move over to 2016.
  • ED RECOVERY- to have Sunday lunch out, to have a Wagamamas, to have fish and chips, to go for a really good breakfast, to go to Duck and Waffle, to go to the Hand and Flowers. So, I ate Sunday lunch out, I’ve had a Wagamamas (best thing ever!), I’ve had quite a few really good breakfasts and I’ve been to Duck and Waffle.  Sadly the Hand and Flowers may have to wait until 2018 as the waiting list is that loooong, and fish and chips has also shuffled over to 2016.
  • LIFE- to see a certain group of friends more, to have at least 3 abroad trips, to change my job, to do a European city day trip, to have a spa holiday. I have indeed seen a certain group of girls more and I have been abroad, though only twice. This is an expample of life getting in the way I guess as I simply couldn’t fit in a spa break and a city trip. But the main one is changing my job. I am now part of the way through my PT qualification and I cannot wait to get started in my my career.

Another couple of things I wanted to do this year was a random act of kindness every month, which I did.  Another pretty big one for me was to try and learn not to always strive for the perfect version of everything. This is something I have to work at all the time, but I’m getting better.

I haven’t written my goals for 2016 yet, but they will all be going in my little book- places to eat, things to do, people to see, places to travel to. And you don’t have to wait until January 1st- when you wake up in New Year’s Day, you’ll still be the same person you were when you went to bed, start whenever you want

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