A Bit About Me

I’m 32, and live in Worcestershire in the UK.  After studying fashion marketing at uni I went on to work in visual merchandising, which I did enjoy but unfortunately a lot of my time was taken up with promoting store cards, and that bit I definitely didn’t enjoy. Nearly 8 years ago I changed jobs and started working with my dad in the antiques and auctions world. This is my current job, and although I enjoy it, I’ve realised its not ‘me.’ Having suffered with an eating disorder 3 years ago I have decided to totally re qualify and become a personal trainer.

Outside of my job I love all things health and fitness, and generally being active. I’m a country girl at heart so being outside is always a bonus for me, and I love animals! I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures, and ‘pre ed’ loved all things food related- ironically! Sports wise my passion is rugby, watching not playing, and I’m also a bit of a car fanatic.
So that’s me, in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my blog!